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Power Washing Services

Many people spend thousands of dollars on building their dream deck for entertainment, shade and to increase their home’s value. There is no doubt that a well-maintained deck adds beauty, functionality and value to a home – when treated and maintained. The same principle applies to custom-built fences or property siding, and power washing services create just that. Clean Machine Powerwash has been in the business for over 40 years, powerwashing Western and Central Massachusetts as well as Northern Connecticut

When left untreated, weather can immediately damage unprotected wood. The following natural forces are especially harmful: dew, rain and snow. The moisture from these elements absorb into the wood, causing it to expand and lose strength. Once dried and heated by the sun, the wood shrinks.

Misc. Items – Decks, Steps, Etc.

The constant cycle of swelling and shrinking causes wood to become damaged by graying, fading, cracking, warping, etc. Once the wood is irreparable, it can become a costly fix and actually decrease the value of your property and become potentially dangerous. Make today the day you resolve to protect your deck and Contact us now.

Mold & mildew are a major problem to the exterior of your house, but it also affects the accessories of your home such as deck, walkways, patios, gazebos, foundations, ramps, sidewalks & sheds etc.

These items are also exposed to rain and sun so over time the mold and mildew will build up, making a harsh appearance. However, this can easily be fixed with power washing.

The following photos are before and after shots from recent clients.