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Complete Roof Cleaning Services

Tired of looking at the black streaks, moss, and lichen on your roof? Let Clean Machine Power Wash remove those stains from your roof. Routine maintenance and upkeep for your roof are essential for any business or homeowner in Massachusetts. With the highs and lows of New England weather, it’s more likely than not for you to experience some kind of event with roof moss, algae, lichen, or other natural buildup. If your roof never gets washed, an overgrowth can create leaks, holes, and weak areas of your roof which can crumble and break down over time.

Roofing materials unfortunately are not cheap, so preventative care can save your home’s curb appeal and your pockets a lot in the long run.


Different types of roofing materials, and what they are good for:

Roofing materials can vary from house to house, and tend to differentiate based on where your home or business is geographically located.  Clean Machine Power Wash is a local power washing provider, licensed and educated to power wash any roofing material that you can think of. When you choose to work with us, you’re choosing quality roofing and dedicated specialists that treat your property as if it were one of our own. From start to finish, a team management member will be on-site during the job throughout the entire process. Our staff can guide and assist you in making the right choice for your roofing materials by choosing one of our many options including but not limited to the following:


– Tile options can be classified as solar, concrete, or clay. One of the main benefits of tiling over your roof is that in all reality that will probably be the last roof you’re ever going to need. The lifespan of a roof can last upwards of 50-100 years. For most people, that’s for as long as they’ll own their home! If you take care of it efficiently enough by using the team at Clean Machine Power Wash, they’re guaranteed to last you even longer. Tiles never rot, or decay, so the majority of the buildup you’ll see is just visual and not much can physically deteriorate the makeup of your roof. Tiled roofs are durable and able to withstand extreme Western Mass weather conditions like unexpected snowfall, rainstorms, wind, fire, frost, ice, and even insect damage.


– Shingles come in second when it comes to Asphalt, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Synthetic, and Wood. The versatility of shingles is that they can cover a multitude of different shapes and sized roofing areas. Shingles can even cover angles and hard-to-reach spaces so even the most complex roofs are covered. Shingles are relatively affordable, somewhat easy to clean, and definitely very easy to install. They come in a wide range of colors to create a unique look that matches your business or home aesthetic, and they’re quick to replace in individual sections should one have damage.


Corrugated Steel

– Most commonly found on commercial buildings, corrugated steel metal roofs can add visual value and curb appeal to any property. Corrugated steel metal roofs require very low maintenance, which comes in handy if you live in Western Mass. Especially when scheduling a cleaning, because you’ll most likely only need to have it serviced every 6-12 months of the year.

Seam Metal

– Seam metal roofing is a modern-day, sleek style that’s becoming more popular in today’s roof trends. Not only do they look trendy but they’re also energy efficient. Metal roofing reflects heat up away from the building which in the long run works to reduce energy costs. The screws on a metal roof should be replaced every 20-30 years, and the panels themselves can last upward of 40-70 years. Metal roofs do not need to be ventilated which is another added bonus because they do not tend to increase or decrease over time from the weather. One of the few downfalls is that the paint will start to go before anything else will, leaving you to repaint your metal roof about every 10 years or so. They are extremely easy to clean because there is rarely a ton of debris for us to hose off!


– One of the biggest problems when it comes to installing a slate roof is the amount of weight that each individual tile holds. You’ll first need to make sure that your frame has the ability to hold the weight of your roof so that it doesn’t all crumble down once you begin to build. As long as you have a solid and sound foundation, the pros to getting a slate roof installed definitely outweigh the cons. On average, you could get a solid 75-200 years out of your slate roof. This means your generation, your kid’s generation, and your kids kid’s generation will all be able to enjoy the beauty of what is your slated roofed home. Since this particular material is one of the most durable roofs, they’re guaranteed to last the longest out of all materials. Slate roofing is non-porous, so this way liquids or air cannot seep into it. Therefore keeping your slate roof, mold, mildew, and algae free. One simple wash can go a long way, so contact Clean Machine today to schedule your next cleaning!

Clean Machine offers power washing services throughout Western MA and Northern CT including areas such as: Hampden County, Hampshire County, Franklin County, Hartford County CT.