Request an Estimate




How long are estimates valid for?

60 days

I received my estimate, now what?

After receiving your estimate, if you’re happy with our pricing–please call the office to secure your appointment. A credit card will need to be on file in order to secure your washing appointment.


Are prices negotiable?

Prices are non-negotiable. No exceptions.

How long do you guarantee pricing for?

Prices are guaranteed for three years only before we re-evaluate your property for new pricing.

Do you offer discounts?

We no longer offer discounts. Our prices are our everyday low price guarantee. We pride ourselves on the affordability of our pricing. 

How come I paid a different price than my neighbor?

Prices are individualized to each property’s needs. As a result, your pricing may be different from a neighbor’s property.

Do you bundle areas to be washed in your pricing?

Each area to be washed will be itemized and non-combinable. For example, a house and porch are individualized pricing as a porch is an extension of your house.

I need the inside of my gutters cleaned. Will the price include the outside of the gutters too?

No. The process is different to clean the inside of the gutters as it is to clean the outside of the gutters. They are separate prices. 

I had my house washed a few years ago and the price has increased slightly, how come?

Unfortunately, small businesses have been greatly affected in our current economy. Price increases are commonplace in order to ensure a company is meeting their own basic needs. We’re going to do our best to outline a few reasons as to why we’ve had to make small increases.

  1. Fuel prices. Fuel prices are still up. Gas and diesel play an important role in supply chains and directly impact the travel experience of our fleet of trucks by making it more expensive. We are certainly feeling the impact at the pump.
  2. Supply chain disruptions. When supplies are limited, prices naturally go up. As a result of constrained supply, the companies we work closely with to purchase our own solutions and supplies have had to increase their prices, forcing us to unfortunately slightly increase ours.
  3. Cost of labor. Labor costs can account for as much as 70% of total business costs; this includes employee wages, benefits, payroll, and other related taxes. Higher labor costs reduce company profits, the number of jobs, and the hours each person works. Depleting funds can limit a company’s success and growth. A small price increase may be necessary in order to preserve the company, and therefore, we ask for grace and understanding when these decisions are being made.