Sidewalk Cleaning


Sidewalk Cleaning – Photo Gallery

Your sidewalk is an important part of your home or business. It’s oftentimes one of the first things visitors will see when entering your business or home. Not only that but it’s also the entrance to your property, and as we all know, first impressions are everything! Sidewalk cleaning from Clean Machine Power Wash can greatly increase the curb appeal and safety of your home or business.

Sidewalk cleaning in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut is a necessary task. The sidewalks here take a beating, with all the snow and ice in the winter, and the dirt and grime that accumulate over the course of the year. That’s why power washing sidewalks is such an important part of keeping them clean.

Power washing uses high-pressure water to remove all the built-up dirt and grime, as well as any moss or algae that might be growing on the sidewalk. This type of cleaning is especially important in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut, where the winters are harsh and the summers are hot and humid. Power washing sidewalks helps to keep them clean and safe for pedestrians year-round.

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